Gallery Opening in Chicago for Itow Takumi, Hanga Printmaker from Tokyo

The “Floating World Gallery” in Chicago had an opening on Saturday night for Itow’s work. It was very well attended and I’m posting a few pictures.  There were 3 groups of prints, one of which dealt with Matsuri, or festivals, in Japan. The photo below shows Mrs Itow (Makiko Hattori, also a printmaker who specializes in etchings) and my wife Maria Udo in front of a great print.

Itow-sensei is a professor at Waseda University and he was the instructor for my teacher Matt Messmer, who now resides in Chicago and is a member of the Spudnick press.

Itow-sensei is the president of the Japanese Print Society and this is the link to his website:


One of the prints shown has figures that come out of the paper to my perception. Please look at the lower right image on this page of his site:
The gallery sold one of his landscape prints right away. It’s on the home page of the gallery’s site and has mica overlays of rays of light on abstract trees:


This was a very interesting opening for me. Well-organized and I learned a lot

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